At Therapure Biopharma Inc. we’re advancing the field of health care and medicine with our innovative technologies. These are aimed at optimizing the power of biopharmaceutical proteins that have therapeutic benefits for patients with chronic diseases.


Cost-effective capture of plasma proteins

PlasmaCap EBA is an exciting new technology for efficient plasma protein capture at high yields and purities. The technology is an expanded bed adsorption (EBA) chromatography system utilizing proprietary high density adsorbents that are optimized to capture valuable plasma proteins directly from plasma or fractionated plasma materials.

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Platform technologies that make proteins work better

At Therapure Innovations, our experts are developing platform technologies that advance the treatment of chronic diseases by enhancing the effects of biopharmaceutical proteins.

Our drug conjugation platform was designed to deliver therapeutics directly to their intended site of action, bypassing other non-target areas of the body that can potentially result in unwanted side effects. This platform technology covalently links drugs to hemoglobin in an elegant process that is similar to antibody drug conjugation (ADC) making it an effective drug delivery technology for liver diseases.


Our half-life extension platform uses oxidized hydroxyethyl starch (HES) to enhance the physical and pharmacological features of protein drugs. Covalently linking HES to biopharmaceuticals may prolong the drug’s half-life, extending its duration of action and providing sustained release into the circulation.


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