Therapure Biopharma Inc. signs Biomanufacturing contract with Diamedica Incorporated

TORONTO, ON , June 30, 2010Therapure Biopharma Inc. today announced an agreement under which Therapure will provide development services for Diamedica Incorporated, a biopharmaceutical company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Under the terms of the agreement, Therapure will provide cell line development and protein production services to support clinical development for one of Diamedica’s products, a protein which may be used for the treatment of diabetes and neurological disorders. The companies are also negotiating contracts for on-going GMP manufacturing services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

DiaMedica Inc. (DiaMedica) is a Canada-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for diseases with significant unmet need including diabetes and neurological diseases. The Company has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 10™ life science companies in 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) and has several compounds in various stages of development.

We are proud to have been chosen by Diamedica as its partner to provide cell line development and protein production services” said Thomas Wellner, President and CEO of Therapure. “Therapure has performed similar services for a number of clients and has demonstrated market leading expertise,” continued Mr. Wellner.

Diamedica was seeking a cell line developer with the scientific expertise to handle this specialty product,” said Rick Pauls, CEO of Diamedica Inc. “This project is important to DiaMedica’s future success and we are confident in Therapure’s ability to meet our needs”.


Therapure Biopharma Inc. is an integrated biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, purifies and packages therapeutic proteins. As a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Therapure Biopharma applies scientific, manufacturing, and downstream purification expertise with an intimate understanding of advanced biology, complex proteins, and regulatory processes to develop effective and innovative solutions to advance products from discovery to market for its clients. Therapure’s Health Canada licensed 130,000 sq. ft. facility, includes manufacturing, research and quality control laboratories and a cGMP warehouse, and is built to U.S. FDA, EMEA, MHRA and Health Canada standards for the aseptic handling and purification of proteins.

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