You could say that plasma protein therapeutics are in our blood. Therapure Biologics, a division of Therapure Biopharma, is bringing forward new and exciting advancements in the plasma protein marketplace. Our unique technology represents the first transformative innovation in plasma protein therapeutics manufacturing in over 70 years and our mission is to provide physicians and their patients with new, high-quality, dependable therapeutic solutions. A Canadian-based company, Therapure Biologics is committed to driving advancements in plasma’s potential both locally and around the world.


Central to our business is an advanced plasma protein manufacturing technology called PlasmaCap EBA™. We developed and invested in the underlying technology and have optimized it for use with plasma.

All other commercial manufacturers currently servicing the North American market extract plasma proteins using a process called “cold ethanol fractionation” that was originally developed in the 1940s and includes cold alcohol steps and pH adjustments. Our PlasmaCap EBA™ is an elegant technology that allows the sequential isolation of multiple proteins from a batch of plasma. It has demonstrated high yields for existing therapies and provides for potential access to novel therapies of high quality and purity from the precious supply of plasma.

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Therapure Biologics benefits from the strong history in process development and CGMP biomanufacturing within Therapure Biopharma Inc. Our flexible, state-of-the-art facility is supported by robust quality control and quality assurance programs. And our development, manufacturing and support groups have worked together to manufacture numerous biologic products for clients.

As it does in all Therapure divisions, our absolute commitment to quality and patient safety underpins all we do.