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Therapure Biologics is committed to long term research, innovation and creating the potential for new opportunities and therapeutic alternatives.

At Therapure, we’re coupling our biomanufacturing excellence with our extensive knowledge of the plasma proteins industry to modernize the purification and commercialization of plasma protein therapeutics. Our commitment to product quality and patient safety is central to everything we do. That’s why we invested in a transformative technology called PlasmaCap EBA™ and are developing it to enhance the purification of plasma proteins.

PlasmaCap EBA™ is an innovative expanded bed adsorption (EBA) technology for plasma protein capture. It was developed by a dedicated team of experts as an attractive means to extract valuable plasma proteins directly from plasma by providing:

  • Efficient protein capture
  • High plasma protein capture yields
  • High purity plasma proteins

Our Pipeline

We have made a long-term commitment to advancement in plasma protein therapeutics. Our research and development team has fine-tuned our PlasmaCap EBA™ technology and are working diligently on a pipeline of critically important, in-demand, plasma protein therapeutics.

Our initial focus is on three important plasma proteins: intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), albumin, and alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) which are established products in the plasma protein industry with growing demand. Using our extensive knowledge of plasma proteins and working with key industry players, we have developed a program to launch these products to address the needs of the market.

Starting with IVIG we plan to be in human trials in 2017 and are targeting an approval in 2019. Similarly for albumin, we are targeting an approval in 2019. We are working concurrently on AAT and are targeting an approval in 2020 following our first two products.